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What's HOt at Macy's

Don't forget about the hottest new fiber introduction since Stainmaster.

DuPont Sorona® Fiber (available in many of our newest styles from Karastan) is the hottest thing to hit the carpet industry in the last 10 years!

In the early 1980's DuPont invented Stainmaster and that changed the carpet industry. All of a sudden, carpet stayed looking newer longer. Customers were able to clean their carpet - and it stayed clean.

Now, DuPont has created the next level in carpet technology. Their new fiber "Sorona®" is the best synthetic carpet fiber made. DuPont has created a superior type of carpet fiber that combines exceptional durability with permanent, engineered-in stain protection that won't wash or wear off.

In addition, Sorona®'s microscopic fiber structure resembles a "Z' format or a coiled spring - unlike prior fibers that were stiff and ridgid.

DuPont Sorona® fiber is the answer to customers who are afraid of fading or heavy traffic.

The Sorona® carpet fiber is made with Bio-PDO™ (the key ingredient), which is produced from corn sugar. Thanks to this central ingredient, 37 percent of Sorona® is made from renewable resources. Plus, every seven yards of SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona® saves enough energy and resources to equal one gallon of gasoline. This amazing carpet makes less of an environmental impact than other carpets, while still offering superior durability and stain protection.

What's Happening at Macy's Wall-to-Wall



September 10, 2013 - In preparation for the fall selling season, the Macy's carpet department has upgraded their headquarters and have moved to new facilities. Our corporate address will remain: 2840 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL. however our warehouse is being enlarged and will be better able to handle "rush" orders and have it's own custom rug department. Thank all of our staff for making this transition seamless and hassle-free.

With this move comes a few changes: New Phone # for Barbara - 954-563-9010 and a new Fax # 954-563-0014. We attempted to keep the same phone numbers, but were not able to forward the old fax number to the new address so a change was necessary. We will be e-mailing and faxing each of your stores an official notice of the new phone numbers.

August 30, 2013 - Congratulations on a month well done. The customers who visited the department came away as happy customers - with written orders. Now in September we will be fulfilling their dream of a better flooring with new carpet - all installed by true craftsmen. Remember to let your customer know that they are not just buying carpet, but a fully guaranteed installation backed by Macy's best mechanics.

August 17, 2013 - I've heard more positive comments this week than any time I can remember. Not only has the new carpet department layout been accepted by our associates, the customers have remarked also... most customers like the "Karastan Only" approach. Not only can they have the best of each style (berber, texture, pattern, etc) but they have a "one price" carpet price... with the advantage of taking 10% off the materials portion of their bill by using their Special Macy's Shopping Card!

August 6, 2013 - As discussed earlier, Macy's has decided to only keep the best of the best in the carpet department. Karastan is the hand's down winner. Please check the Pricing Sections of the website to get the most current pricing for all the Karastan styles in your store. These prices are also in the FED SIGN system, so recheck the pricing and make sure our customer gets the best price!

July 22, 2013 - Great News... Each store will be visited this week and the carpet department will be upgraded to meet the new Macy's standards for excellence. Each store will have their showroom re-arranged and designed to better answer the needs of our customer.

In joint discussions between and Macy's Carpet Department and Karastan, a core collection of Karastan's best styles will be displayed in each store. The selection will include Traditional Plushes, Casual Textures, Berbers, Patterns, California Shags and Karastan's fine wool carpets.

New agressive pricing is now available in FED SIGN. These prices bring to the Macy's customer some of the best values in the market in the "better" carpet category. Another first for Macy's carpet department is the change of rules pertaining to "Macy's Special Discount Cards" - the carpet department will now honor the 10% off reductions on all carpet when the customer presents their personal discount card.

As part of the carpet department renovation, the long awaited window treatment department has been approved and will begin to be installed in each of the stores in late September. This new milestone for Macy's Carpet will give us the opportunity to offer to our customers an entire package of home decorating needs - furniture, mattresses, area rugs, wall to wall carpet and now window treatments!

May 23, 2013 - National Karastan Month ends soon! This is Memorial Day Weekend, the last big push for National Karastan Month. Make that final call to the customer who's been "waiting". We haven't raised our pricing in FED SIGN even though we had our price increase on March 11th. Plus customer's get a $3.00 or $5.00 rebate from Karastan on purchases during National Karastan Month.

This price savings may be hard to explain, but everyone appreciates saving money. Let them know that National Karastan Month will be their best chance to buy beautiful carpet at the Lowest Price of the Year.

May 9, 2013 - If it's free, you paid too much. We have been having customers come into the stores asking about the "Free" labor at Home Depot. The customer forgets that Home Depot charges up to $.50 sq ft for taking up old carpet, they charge up to $.40 for moving basic furniture, they charge extra for working in condos or apartment buildings. Their basic "extras" charge is $.75. That "Free Labor" is now more expensive than our $.61 charge for labor that includes taking up the old carpet and moving basic furniture.

Macy's doesn't do CHEAP - we don't do a second rate job. Our installers do not work for FREE, they are true craftsmen who take pride in their work. They don't play games with their pricing. Macy's installation will be worry free; and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new floors worry free for years. That's Macy's commitment to you.

May 1, 2013 - National Karastan Month Officially begins today. This year Macy's is participating with Karastan with a full scale advertising campaign combining both Shelter Magazines and Internet Exposure to convey the National Karastan Month message.

The message is... National Karastan Month - Low prices plus Mail-In rebates. Every tufted carpet qualifies for a $3.00 per sq yd ( $.33 per sq ft) mail in rebate. Every Woven carpet - our wool program - qualifies for a $5.00 per sq yd ($.55 per sq ft) mail in rebate. Customers must send in a copy of their salescheck plus an official rebate form available at No addtional price discounts off Macy's sale prices are allowed during National Karastan Month. National Karastan Month ends May 31, 2013.

April 22, 2013 - Great news... The carpet department is participating in FRIENDS AND FAMILY. We will be offering 10% off the cost of the carpet on all sales. Labor is excluded from FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

More great news... Effective May 1st to May 31st, the Macy's carpet department will participating with Karastan on their National Karastan Month Rebate Program. Specifics to follow. Rembember - We can not give both a Friends and Family Discount and a National Karastan Month Rebate. Chose which event is best for your customer.

April 10, 2013 - Price Change Alert !!! Please check all the categories under the heading "Custom Rugs" . Prices have been changed in the computer. Please update the prices in your store at once.

April 6, 2013 - Macy's customers are the luckiest customers in the world. While pricing went up on March 11, 2013, new pricing has not as yet hit the FED SIGN system. Right now you are selling Karastan and Mohawk carpets at "rock bottom" pricing. One the new pricing hits in FED SIGN, we'll be competitive, but right now we have the lowest prices anywhere. Let your customers know the bargain they are getting - make the decision to get new flooring now - don't wait until the prices go up!

March 6, 2013 - Floors wear out; they don't break. And for that reason, customers will defer the purchase of new flooring until they feel confident in their finances and feel the economy is moving forward. With new record highs in the stock market and improved customer sentiment regarding the economy, our customer is ready to spend again.

Let her know about whats new in flooring. "Silk" and super soft carpets are leading the way in sales. Modern Masterpiece is the traditional winner for the over 60 crowd. Wools are strong in design and decorator appeal. Our customer is ready to make a change - let's listen to her needs and find the right carpet for her flooring needs.

March 1, 2013 - Reminder... find out what's happening in the March Newsletter. Keep up to date with the Macy's Floor Covering Department.

February 27, 2013 - There's excitement in the air. New styles from Karastan and Tuftex are being added to the Macy's Collection. Some really exciting new lines. "Soft Carpet" is what people are looking for now, and Macy's will have one of the strongest selections available. Watch your backroom and make sure the samples get to the floor ASAP.

Reminder: New pricing from the mills goes into effect on March 11, 2013 - however we will not be able to get the new pricing information into the FED SIGN system until later. Let the customers know that they should take advantage of our inability to change prices quickly. When the new pricing goes into effect, it will be too late to benefits from today's pricing!

February 11, 2013 - Just received letters from Mohawk/Karastan and Shaw Industries today that there will be 4% - 6% price increase on all products effective March 11, 2013. Now the fighting begins - we don't want to pay any more... the mills believe they need the extra money to run thier plants profitably.

Regardless, there will be a price increase of some kind... let you customers know of the impending price increase and let them take advantage of the current pricing. More later...

February 7, 2013 - We've just returned from the National Carpet Show in Las Vegas. We went out not expecting much new in floor covering - we were wrong! The new introductions were some of the best we can remember seeing in a long time. Fresh colors, more textures, the heaviest new "Silk" carpets you can imagine, plus a selection of patterned carpets we have needed for a long time.

The transition period - from the time the old styles are dropped until the new styles are received will be challenging. Instead of emptying the racks, just put a reminder to yourself on the samples that the style is being discontinued. We have already alerted Karastan that we need our samples fast! Get ready!!!

February 4, 2013 - The fish are biting... are you using the right bait? It may not be the proper analogy, but right now we are having more customers than ever visit our carpet department - some are "snow birds", some think the economy is turning around, some are just tired of waiting and want new carpet now!

Whatever the case, make sure you show them the right carpet to fit their needs. If they are looking for a tight, dense, traditional look - show them Modern Masterpiece or Truly Memorable. If it's a more contemporary look - show them Interior Motive or Smart Mix. If it's something current - and soft, show them any of the DuPont Sorona looks, especially the "Silk" items in the line - Inspired By or Walking to Paradise. If it's price and value - Tropical Playground, Artful Inspiration and Fulfillment are hard to beat!

Another saying goes: "Friends don't let friends drive drunk" well, my version is: "Macy's doesn't want their friends/customers buying something inferior - when they can buy what's best for them at Macy's."

January 25, 2013 - Karastan has just announced the carpet styles which will be discontinued as of March 4, 2013. Some of these styles - Eloquence Classic, Natural Fulfillment and Waverunner will be greatly missed. The others Elegant Choice, Distinctive Touch, Fabricio, Savion and Rivero never made our top 10 list and will not be missed.

Do not pull these styles from your displays until March. Their replacements are on order. However, please check on the stock availability on these items before ordering to ensure that your customers will be able to have their carpet selection delivered to them within their time frame.

January 21, 2013 - We just received notification that carpet cushion prices are going up 12%. Let your customer know that now is the perfect time to buy - before the price increase hits.

January 17, 2013 - More good news!!! Department 908 - the carpet department - is now accepting Macy's s special discount passes offering up to 10% off materials. We've never done this before - a first. Our goal is to help stimulate traffic in the department. Let your customer know the good news!

Please remember these two rules when accepting discount passes: The carpet department does not accept discounts of over 10% off materials and discount coupons are not valid on labor. If you have any questions, please contact: Philip Laux - 954-648-5494

January 1, 2013 - Happy New Year. We've only made one resolution this year... to make the Macy's customer experience with wall to wall carpet the best experience possible. This year the emphasis is on personal attention to the customer's needs. We're going to listen better... to find out what our customer really wants and needs... to make knowledgeable suggestions and provide helpful information.

The Macy's experience will set us apart from the other Big Box Stores and the over bearing pressure used by other retailers. Our personal attention to detail, the Macy's selection and our new pricing structure will be the difference the customer will be able to see and appreciate.

December 20, 2012 - The new pricing for all carpet styles is now available in FED SIGN. Please put the new price tags on your samples at once! The new sale tags do not show any description of "sale" or "regular" on the tags.

If you are uncertain which of the sales tags you have put up are current. Remember that most of the old sale tags had a "Down date" of 1/27/12, these are to be removed and destroyed. The current - CORRECT - sale tags have a "Down date" of 1/25/2013 at the bottom line of the tag. Beginning today, there will only be one sale tag for each item - (previously there had been both a regular tag and a sale tag).

These new tags for carpet styles can be found in the FED SIGN program under department #941. To expedite finding the signs, I recommend placing the name (one at a time) - Karastan, Mohawk, Beaulieu and Tufex in the "key word" box at the top of the FED SIGN program. Then do an advanced search - using "heading" as the first sort. This will put the styles for each mill in alphabetical order.

If you have any problem finding these signs, please contact Philip Laux @ 954-648-5494 and he will be able to assist you. Also, if in doubt what the correct pricing on the carpet sample should be, check under pricing at

Effective with the changing of pricing, the capret department will begin accepting the 10% off coupons which are sent to Macy's customers on the purchase of all materials in the order - labor is still excluded from the 10% off discount.

November 29, 2012- The carpet department will be offering 10% off the cost of materials during Friends and Family. To qualify for the discount, you must write "Friends and Family" on the salescheck. Take advantage of this special offer. New pricing will be in FED SIGN soon, so this 10% discount - in addition to tshe delayed price increase makes this an offer too good for our customers to refuse.

November 15, 2012 - Pricing Update... New price tags are not in the FED SIGN program as of today's date. Please continue to check into FED SIGN for new signage. We are now paying the mills their new price increase. Our old pricing continues to be a benefit to Macy's customers. Take advantage of the opportunity.

November 8, 2012 - As was announced last September, new prices went into effect on November 1, 2012. Fortunately for Macy's these increases have been delayed until we have our new pricing in the system. Currently the new price tags are being entered into the FED SIGN program. Once in place, the new pricing begins... just one more opportunity for our customers to get the best pricing on the finest carpet made.

November 6, 2012 - National Karastan Month is over. Hopefully we made many of our loyal Macy's customers happy with their new flooring. Some stores had amazing results, others didn't experience the type of traffic we normally have for this sale. Thank each of you for your efforts.

October 29, 2012 - Time's running out... To qualify for the National Karastan Month mail-in rebate checks for the customer, the sale date on the invoice must be no later than November 4, 2012. Make this the best week-end in Macy's carpet department history.

Our prices increase from the mill on November 1, 2012. However, we can't get them processed into the FED SIGN program until the middle of November. Take these extra days to call your customers who have had pending orders, or measured with no deposit made. A few extra phone calls will increase our sales volume while making a Macy's customer very happy.

October 12, 2012 - National Karastan Month is off to a great start. What ever it is that you've been doing - Continue Doing It !!!. Also, let your customers know that there's a price increase scheduled for the first of November - so buy now!!! We're still finalizing prices, but when they go into effect... they go into effect immediately. You'll hear about it first via e-mail or on this website, but when the prices hit the FED SIGN program - the prices will be official.

October 8, 2012 - Get ready to say good-bye to our listed prices for Mohawk and Karastan on the internet. The manufacturer has a strict policy forbidding the display of retail pricing on the website. Although the pricing is for Macy's associates only, they are available to all via the website. Karastan/Mohawk has "slapped" our hands and have given us time to find alternative ways to communicate with our Macy's associates regarding pricing. Our suggestion: print out a grid sheet from the FED SIGN program listing all styles and pricing. Put it in a folder and keep it in your desk for reference.

September 27, 2012 - Put out the National Karastan P.O.P. signageIt might be in your back room, look in the closets… Signage is only sent out during the May – National Karastan Month.  If you can’t find yours, contact Paul Enrico at Karastan – 561-236-4146.  Let’s put on our best face for this sale.

September 27, 2012 - New pricing on MY, MY, MY area rugs. Check out the Custom Rug header on the website and go to Tuftex/Stanton Area Rugs. Big news is that My, My, My is now available in ANY size you want even a 4 ft 2 inch x 9 ft 8 inch. Shipped direct from the mill to your customer. Great pricing - in any size you want.

Also, a new style is heading your way... Disney Magic Shag. It's a jr. My, My, My but in bright vibrant Disney colors. Pricing is already on the website.

September 25, 2012 - National Karastan Month officially begins tomorrow - Sept 26th. We will be placing orders with the mill for all the orders previously committed to during the Pre-Sale period.

Remember to give your customers a copy of the mail-in rebate form we have faxed to you. In order to qualify for the rebate, the customer must complete the form and send it to Karastan with a copy of their sales check dated between Sept 26 and October 31, 2012.

If you did not receive our initial mailing, please contact Barbara and she will re-fax the information to you.

September 10, 2012 - National Karstan Month Alert. Pre-sale for National Karastan Month begins September 19th. Take down any regular pricing you may have on Karastan carpets and put up the sale tags. Do not use any existing "National Karastan Month" sale tags from the past.

In addition to our SALE pricing, we are using Karastan's internet marketing and national media coverage to drive business to our department. During National Karastan Month, Macy's customers will receive a mail-in rebate of $3.00 sq yd ($0.33 a sq ft) on all non-woven carpest styles. The customer will receive a mail-in rebate of $5.00 sq yd ($0.55 sq ft) on all woven wool carpet styles.

To qualify for the rebate, orders must be DATED no earlier than September 26, 2012. Sales tickes may be rung earlier as a "pre-sale" but we can not place orders with the mill before September 26th. Final Sale Date for National Karastan Month is October 31, 2012. If a sales ticket does not have a sales date between the period from Sept 26 - October 31, 2012, no rebate checks will be processed by Karastan. Please remember to write on all orders "NATIONAL KARASTAN MONTH SALE".

Forms will be faxed to you during the next week.

September 7, 2012 - It's finally starting to happen.... Customers in the Carpet Department. I think we've seen more activity in the past two weeks than we have seen in the past two months. Your attention to details and the manner in which you greet and wait on our customers is making the difference. Keep the orders coming!

September 4, 2012 - Good news... While we're going to have price increases, no increase will go into effect before November 1, 2012. Thats means that National Karastan Month will not be affected.

August 21, 2012 - It's just been announced. Carpet price increases will take place October 1, 2012. The price increase was caused by escalating prices at the mill level for backing material, glues, latex and resins use in the backing and finishing of the carpet. No price increases for fiber have been announced. It is expected that all carpet prices (both low-end and high-end use the same backing materials) will increase by $.15 to $.25 cents per square foot.

Let your customers know of the pending price increase... this might just be the best time ever to find the perfect carpet and today's low pricing. We'll let you know more as we receive our price increase letters.

August 20, 2012 - Good news, Dept 908 is participating in "Shop for a Cause". On August 25th only any order either entered in the system or having a measure entered into the system on that date will be entitled to a 10% discount on materials ordered or set up for measure on that date. No additional discounts on labor will be given. This is a first for the flooring department - let your customers take advantage of this generous offer.

August 20, 2012 - Dept 908 is the new classification for wall to wall carpet. Effective immediately, all new wall to wall and custom area rug orders should be processed though Dept 908. Materials should be 908 - 10 Labor, delivery, measures and other items on which no sales tax should be charged should be 908 - 12. At the present time, sales tax is being charged on 908 - 12, but that is about to be reviewed and revised.

August 9, 2012 –  Now equal time for our female associates.  You just don’t understand how men buy.  Men value power, competency and efficiency. Make it simple and staight forward.

When Selling to Men:

  1. Know your product.  Become a flooring expert.  Know features and benefits.
  2. Act confidently
  3. Get to the bottom line.  Move as fast as the customer wants.
  4. Be direct and specific.  Don’t ask more questions than necessary.
  5. Use humor and lighten up
  6. Decrease emotional intensity.  Remind him of his competency.

August 8, 2012 – I just read an interesting article about male sales associates being "clueless" when working with a female customer. Here are the highlights of the article... It may just help you understand your next customer a little better.

“A woman buys based on how she feels; men are more concerned abut the facts.  Men decide quickly – women deliberate.  A woman goes through a deliberate decision process before she buys, but once she decides to buy she will do it quickly.

When Selling to Women:

  1. Take her seriously. 
  2. Help her understand the value of what she is buying. 
  3. Be patient – Don’t push, go slow, don’t use manipulative sales techniques
  4. Listen.  Use lots of interaction.  Stay focused
  5. Use emotional and feeling words.
  6. Avoid giving advice unless asked.  “Telling is not selling.”

July 24, 2012 - Good news. The Carpet Department is offering an extra incentive to close a carpet sale during Macy's Home Sale, July 25 to August 6th.

From July 25th To August 6th, base labor will be reduced by 50% to $ .30 sq ft. (reg $.61 per square foot) Extra Charges still apply for stairs, moving furniture and cutting around built-ins. The minimum labor charge of $150 is reduced to $125 for this sale. All sales must be entered into the system by August 6th to qualify for the special labor pricing.

Call your "pending" orders, and see if we can generate some new business. Let every customer who enters the department know about the special pricing. Let's make something happen!

July 1, 2012 -Update for Clearwater and Tampa Galleries: We are proud to announct that United Flooring Cotractors, Inc. is now providing measuring and installation services for your stores. Gail Brunner is the Office Managser for United Flooring Contractors and can answer any of your questions regarding measures and scheduling installation. They have a pre-measure worksheet for you to use when faxing in measures - please call Gail and ask her to fax you a copy of their Measure Request.

June 12, 2012 - Just a few reminders... Yes, we do install carpet on larger boats (vessels) - however, you will need to call Fred and get a price quotation for labor. Boats are very labor intensive. Yes, we will arrange for shipments to the Carribean or South American countries... we have been continuing to to receive more and more requests for this service. And a final Yes, we can arrange for installation within a week if needed... just process the paperwork quickly and let Barbara know about the time frame.

June 1, 2012 - National Karastan Month has ended. Get those final orders processed and into the service center for ordering. Make sure your customers have turned in their rebate forms to Karastan. All forms must be dated by May 31, 2012 to qualify. Let your customers know that they should expect 6 - 10 weeks delay before receipt of their rebate money.

May 24, 2012 - It's Memorial Weekend at Macys. However, we are not participating with the extra 10% Off on carpet and area rugs. The good news.... National Karastan Month is going strong. This is the final week for our customers to take advantage of the $2 or $3 per sq yd rebates. Close those final sales!!!

May 21, 2012 - Our new Karastan samples are being delivered to your store. When you go to FED SIGN, the new price tags are ready. Merchandising will be going to each store to help set out the new samples. If you want to get a head start, just give us a call and we'll let you know what styles to replace.

Fulfillment: This new Karastan introduction is a stylish textural cut-pile with twenty warm colors. It features Dupont's Sorona fiber. This offering features softness and durabilty combined with updated style. Reg: $6.40, Sale: 4.99

Truly Memorable: A refined, subtle texture combines luxury and style for a perfect fit in today's classic home. A junior version of Modern Masterpiece with a sale price of $3.89. The carpet has a soft hand and a traditional color story. This is a sure WINNER. Reg: $4.99 Sale: 3.89

Interior Motive: This is the return of the berber we've been promised. "Hooked on Khaki" revisited... with an updated color line. Even though it may be a little lighter in weight than the original, it's still made of Stainmaster's soft Luxerell BCF nylon. It will be replacing Monarch Beach. Reg: 5.68 Sale: 4.39

Walking to Paradise: This style is all about color! Not just beiges... mustard gold, vibrant reds, passionate purples anf fresh levels of blue... 40 of today's best colors... TODAY! Reg: 7.22 Sale: 5.55

Inspired By: This was the #1 carpet introduction in the Karastan/Mohawk collection. It is heavy, it is dense, it is SOFT... This is the newest fiber introduction in the DuPont Sorona family of Fibers - SILK. Another feature of this product is that is has very limited distribution (at least for the first year). Now at Macy's, the best in carpet, the best in fiber, the best in installation... all with the Macy's Guarantee. Reg: 8.74 Sale: 6.69

May 8, 2012 - National Karastan Month is in full swing. This is the sale our customers have been waiting for. Give a call to those customers on your "waiting" list and let them know the best time to buy flooring at Macy's is during National Karastan Month. Pass the word along, and be someone's hero.

May 1, 2012 - It's coming to an end. Friends and Family ends today. Send a list to Barbara of any customers who qualify for special pricing. You have until May 9th to finalize the sale. Thank you all for your efforts during this event.

April 20, 2012 - Great news! You may extend the 10% Friends and Family discount to your carpet customers, regardless of which carpet they purchase (material only - labor excluded)! This includes Karastan carpet purchases. Friends and Family dates are April 25 through April 30, as long as your lead is generated during this time frame you may extend the Friends and Family discount no matter whether the sale is completed and ready to ring or not.

A list of those customers that have initiated a carpet purchase during Friends and Family should be faxed to Barbara @ 954-921-5524 by Tuesday, May 1st. These customers will have until May 9th to finalize their sale at Friends and Family pricing. The Friends and Family discount, plus the National Karastan Month mail-in rebate, plus Macy's low sale prices makes this a triple dipper of a sale.

Please notate on your salescheck the Friends and Family coupon. To support National Karastan Month we are pleased to launch Macy’s carpet advertisements in the Miami Herald Sunday 4/22 and Sunday 4/29. We look forward to your seeing many Macy’s customers as a result of these ads and growing carpet sales! Thank you for supporting the ShopatHome service!

April 18, 2012 - It can't get any better than this!!! The carpet department is participating in Friends and Family. 10% off the cost of materials! That includes all brands - even Karastan - and it's during National Karastan month! But you need to hurry! Discounts off carpet is good for finalized orders placed during Friends & Family only. The carpet department will not accept Friends & Family discounted orders placed after May 1, 2012. More to follow.

April 9, 2012 - Just received our final notice, orders for National Karastan Month (pre-sale begins April 18th) can be placed beginning on April 20th! This year, instead of new sales tags and adjusted pricing, Macy's is leading the way with Internet Advertising and newspaper support. Watch your mailbox. Each store will be receiving "Customer Rebate" forms offering a $2.00 to $3.00 per sq yd. rebate on selected Karastan styles. This includes every Wool and woven, Smart Strand/Sorona, Wear-Dated and Stainmaster style. (caution: not every Karastan carpet qualifies for the rebate). Macy's will be offering all our Karastan styles at the sale pricing listed in the FED SIGN program - then the customer can receive an extra rebate by completing a mail in coupon. Complete details will be available shortly in this website under the heading box - Special Events - then National Karastan Month.

March 12, 2012 - Custom Area Rugs are available in every wall to wall carpet we carry in our stores. These rugs can be made into any size rectangular or round shapes. Unfortunately, we are unable to make shapes based on customer drawings or layouts. Remember... when determining pricing or a bound rug, you must start with the listed width of the carpet - then multiply that size times the shortest measurement of the rug which is to be made.

Example: to make an 8 x 10 rug, you would need a 12 x 8 ft piece of carpet. Once the size is determined, you can then determine the price by taking the total square footage of the carpet needed - 12 x 8 = 96 sq ft multiplied by the cost per square foot of the carpet selected.

Most custom rugs are completed and ready to be deliverd within two weeks. Freight charges for custom rugs are $75 for delivery of rugs under 7ft 6inches. Delivery of rugs over 8 ft is $125.

January 31, 2012 - Quick Update on handling sales procedures. REG PRICING is in effect Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. SALE PRICING is in effect on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The pricing listed on the sale tag is the price in effect at that time. No extra discounts or carpet cushion upgrades are allowed (without out management approval to finalize the sale).

The carpet lease department does not participate in the special Macy's Sale Events. If Macy's does participate in an event, you will be notified. There may be specials in the internet on Karastan products... these are for participating dealers only. You will be notified when Macy's is participating in such an event.

Macy's believes in giving their customers the best price available "the first time". Subsequent markdown at random undermine this philosophy and add confusion.

January 25, 2012IT’S OFFICIAL, effective January 29, 2012, Custom Decorators, Inc. will be the wall-to-wall carpet lease department at Macy’s.  This change has been in the planning stages since early 2011.  The transition from Miami Rug to Custom Decorators will allow the Carpet Department to be headed by a strong Macy’s partner with a national focus, yet able to pinpoint localized internet advertising toward each of our individual stores.  The biggest benefit:  ADVERTISING

If you would not have read this communication, you probably would not have known that there was a change in the department.  The Miami Rug Co. (Barbara, Fred and Philip) will continue to partner with Custom Decorators and provide Macys and their customers the best in selection, pricing and installation.  All orders will continue to be faxed to the Miami Rug Co. in the same manner as before.  All measures will be handled in the same manner to which you have been accustomed.  Miami Rug will continue to do the customer contact and installations.  Questions regarding orders, pricing, etc. will continue to be handled by Miami Rug Co.   Only one minor change:  The carpet cushion “spiff” program is being suspended until it can be reviewed and revised.   You will be notified as changes occur.

The entire staff of Miami Rug Co. thanks each of you for your support during the past 12 years.  Together we have built a department unlike any other in the Macy’s system.  We firmly believe that Custom Decorators will continue, and improve upon, this tradition of excellence.

As we begin this transition, continue to process your orders through Dept 941.  You will be notified when new department numbers are established.

January 16, 2012 - New prices are in the FED SIGN system for Mohawk Carpet, both Sale and Regular. Please remove all your Mohawk sale tags from your samples before beginning to retag with the current price tags. All the tags for Mohawk must match the price tags in the FED SIGN program. Destroy all prior Mohawk sale and regular price sale tags. Unfortunately, those in charge of the FED SIGN program were not able to change the "take down" date in time for us to put up the new tags, therefore there may be confusion in which of the price tags are current. I suggest you print out a grid sheet for both Karastan and Mohawk pricing and check your samples against the grid sheet to determine if you have the correct sale and regular price tags on your samples. THANK YOU for making the changes. CHANGES ARE EFFECTIVE AT ONCE !

November 22, 2011 - Congratulations to Sylvia at Pembroke Pines #775 and Philip at Aventura #769, these two "newbees" have both had terrific months selling wall-to-wall broadloom in Dept #941. While they're both still learning about carpet, they have mastered the art of connecting with our customers. Congratulations on many jobs well done.

November 7, 2010- Karastan is dropping their carpet cushion style - PRIMA. Currently, we do not show any open orders requiring Prima Cushion. Pull your samples at once, since it is no longer available.

October 31, 2011 - It's Official... National Karastan Month at Macy's has been extended for an addtional two (2) weeks. Take advantage of this opportunity! Don't expect any further extensions.

August 18, 2011 - Something to remember - while the basic cushion whch is included in the price of the carpet installation is a very good pad and meets or exceeds the minimum standard required in the installation of Karastan carpet, our selection of upgraded cushion features a more firm foundation for those "older in age" as well as having an odor eating membrane to help eliminate odors.

Equally important, the vinyl membrane on the cushion (which is not used by most of our competitors) stops spills, pet urine, wine, etc. from penetrating the pad. It is also a guarantee that when the carpet is steam cleaned, if the technician puts too much water into the carpet, it will not soak into the cushion and start a mildew problem.

August 1, 2011 - If you haven't read the newest update on Dupont Sorona, read the tab to the left of this article. The information is under: "What's Hot at Macy's"








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One Name Endures - Karastan

Since 1928, Karastan has been weaving the finest handmade rugs and wall to wall carpet a machine ever made. Karastan gives you the colors, textures, and patterns to help you Make a Statement. Your own.

Most importantly, Karastan has a long history with Macys (previously Burdines)- in providing the finest in carpet to our customers. Only a limited numger of the top tier of flooring retailers are selected to sell the Karastan brand. This selective marketing allows Macy's to provide the finest in carpet at the lowest pricing possible. If you are new to Macy's flooring, just ask your customers if they have ever heard of Karastan carpet. Most of our customers will tell you that their parents and grandparents have always had Karastan carpet (especially if they originally came to Florida from the eastern states). Karastan is the name customers trust in carpet, and when combined with the Macy's name - assures the customer of unsurpassed quality and service. For more information on Karastan go to

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