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Don't forget about the hottest new fiber introductioin since Stainmaster.

DuPont Sorona® Fiber (available in many of our newest styles from Karastan) is the hottest thing to hit the carpet industry in the last 10 years!

In the early 1980's DuPont invented Stainmaster and that changed the carpet industry. All of a sudden, carpet stayed looking newer longer. Customers were able to clean their carpet - and it stayed clean.

Now, DuPont has created the next level in carpet technology. Their new fiber "Sorona®" is the best synthetic carpet fiber made. DuPont has created a superior type of carpet fiber that combines exceptional durability with permanent, engineered-in stain protection that won't wash or wear off.

In addition, Sorona®'s microscopic fiber structure resembles a "Z' format or a coiled spring - unlike prior fibers that were stiff and ridgid.

DuPont Sorona® fiber is the answer to customers who are afraid of fading or heavy traffic.

The Sorona® carpet fiber is made with Bio-PDO™ (the key ingredient), which is produced from corn sugar. Thanks to this central ingredient, 37 percent of Sorona® is made from renewable resources. Plus, every seven yards of SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona® saves enough energy and resources to equal one gallon of gasoline. This amazing carpet makes less of an environmental impact than other carpets, while still offering superior durability and stain protection.

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